Thank you for visiting Fred's page. This guy's name is Fred Chien(錢逢祥) who is a student at the TamKang University(淡江大學) in Taiwan. And also he is a Free Software developer, focuses on embedded devices, server tech, web applications, liveCD and Desktop Environment. Sometimes research Linux kernel, drivers and OS stuffs.

Fred loves Free Software, especially the freedom it provides, and also publishes his development experience on the web. Also, he enjoy coding and replacing all software components with his own programs for fun.

Besides, he sometimes sings, paints a picture and gets some drinks with friends. You can often meet Fred at Mo!relax(多鬆), because he's always working and chatting with people there. Don't forget to invite him to have a dinner together when you meet him. For all I know he loves hot pot especially. if you have no idea to make a choice about the kind of foods, that's a good choice for.

For more informations about Fred, you can visit his blog:

Or you can direct contact with him by e-mail:

  • cfsghost AT
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Of course, Fred has MSN account also(Do not send any email to this address, just for IM):


If you are A geek, it's good idea to talk with Fred via IRC, he is always there:

  • #lxde (English Channel)
  • #dot (Chinese)
  • #lxde-zh (Chinese)
  • #tossug (Chinese)
  • #ubuntu-tw (Chinese)
  • #xpud (English Channel)

  • OrzMicrokernel - A compact but complete Assembly-written Microkernel by jserv.

    Annotations for Tanslating the source code into human language(Chinese):

Application Launcher with 3D User Interface


  1. Face pictures for MSN:

  2. For a young girl when Fred study in senior high school:
  3. Painting when he's in a bad mood:
  4. Painting on stone when travel with Novell Taiwan (2008):

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